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Extend the longevity of your shoes and save hundreds of dollars by repairing them

Repair your shoes with worn soles or minor scratches and have them back within one week.


All your items that need repair will be handled with care by our repair team

There is a full service, in-store repair shop capable of doing orthopedic build-ups, as well as sew emblems and letters on high school jackets, leather jackets and vests. Nothing leaves the premises. All work is done within one week's time and at reasonable costs. We welcome all items, even those not purchased at our store.

Whether it's shoes or purse repair, we can do it all

  • Resole shoes and boots
  • Bootguard (protective toe coating)
  • Stretch length, width, depth of shoes
  • Purse repairs
  • Leather
  • Snaps
  • Eyelets
  • Hooks
  • Dog damage repairs
  • Orthopedic build-ups
  • Emblems and letters on jackets and
    vests (including high school jackets)

Start saving money on shoes and get them repaired instead.


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